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Release date:
2 June, 2016




Unlike most games in the genre, Rise of the Third Power tells a story less about magic and fantasy, and more about war, intrigue and politics. Follow Rowan Viranda and Corrina Aiya Tourea as they endeavor to infiltrate Castle Evenheart and delay the formal alliance between the still-recovering kingdom of Cirinthia and the newly reformed Arkadyan Empire, whose thirst for new territory seems to have no end. Rise of the Third Power taps into the nostalgia of the golden age of RPGs, all with modern dialogue, player-friendly features and game mechanics one would expect of a game released some 20 years after this bygone era.


Rise of the Third Power began as a hobby project in 2006, but was abandoned when its author left for college. The pleasantly unexpected success of Ara Fell has shown there is a demand for games such as this. Shortly after Ara Fell’s release, work began on the much larger and more ambitious completion of Rise of the Third Power.


  • INTRIGUE - Rise of the Third Power is set in a world filled with politics, treachery and betrayal. In the unstable aftermath of the Great War, the victors have retreated back to their homes to lick their wounds. From the defeated, they have demanded an a debt that no one could never hope to repay. Bitterness dominates the politics of defeated Arkadya, and the treaty that ended the war grows weaker by the day.
  • BETRAYAL - While the world braces itself for a reprise of the Great War, the story focuses on the people who are, against all odds, attempting to stop it. But the stakes are high, and there are many people with an interest in how this story unfolds. A wise player keeps her cards close to her chest. She knows that no one can be trusted and everyone plays to win.
  • TACTICS - There are many ways to approach combat, with 8 player characters who assume 8 distinct roles rounding out the fight. Form 2 lines of 3 combatants, with 2 in auxiliary supportive positions, and configure these lines however you see fit. 3 fighters may participate at a time, and the player must swap lines and auxiliaries during battle to meet each challenge, and to avoid series injury...
  • EPIC STORY - Travel to the far corners of the realm of Rin, where treasure and danger lurk in the dark. Face human foes, with more motivation than merely hunger or a lust for gold. Every villain, of every hero in Rise of the Third Power has his or her own motivations for what they do. The lines between good and evil blur as the great powers of the world prepare for a second great struggle for dominance. They say the Great War never ended. Its true conclusion may decide who rules for the next thousand years.




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Story Mode
For reviewers and journalists, we have included a "story mode" skill that can be utilized to quickly skip through combat, allowing much faster progress through the game .

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Stegosoft Games is a small, independent video game studio that focuses on 16-bit era RPGs.

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Rise of the Third Power Credits

Stephen Anthony
Developer and Business

Melissa Saunders

Louise Heaney

Michael Donner

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